August 2019

'Water Bears' May Have Crash Landed on the Moon

A cargo of tiny tardigrades were included in the Beresheet spacecraft sent to the moon in April.Sent by The Arch Mission Foundation, the craft was intended as a sort of "Noah's ark," containing human DNA samples and an archive of disks about earth.The resilient creatures, also known as "water bears," were included in a state of "suspended animation.".Tardigrades are able to live in extremely harsh climates.They are the toughest form of life we know of. They can survive practically any planetary cataclysm. They can survive in the vacuum of space, they can survive radiation, Nova Spivack, Arch Mission Foundation, via CNN.The researchers are hoping that the information disks and little creatures survived the crash.In the distant future it might be recovered by our descendants or by a future form of intelligent life that might evolve long after we're gone, Nova Spivack, Arch Mission Foundation, via CNN.Researchers also say that humans could someday be cloned from the DNA that was included on board the craft.