September 2019

Veteran Actor Sid Haig Dead at 80

'Entertainment Weekly' reports his death follows an "unknown accident" that happened a couple weeks ago. The actor's wife, Susan L. Oberg, has confirmed the news in a statement. Susan L. Oberg, via statement Oberg revealed earlier in the month that Haig had suffered a "nasty spill." Details of what exactly happened have not yet been revealed. Haig is best known for his work with director Rob Zombie on the films, 'House of 1,000 Corpses' and 'The Devil’s Rejects.' Rob Zombie, via Instagram His other big screen credits include Quentin Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown' and 'Kill Bill: Volume 2.' Besides movies, Haig also appeared in dozens of TV shows, including 'Gunsmoke,' 'Get Smart' and 'Star Trek.'