September 2019

US Leads Condemnation of China's Treatment of Muslims

More than 30 countries condemned China's “horrific campaign of repression” against the ethnic Muslim population in Xinjiang. The statements occurred at a sideline event during the U.N. General Assembly. According to the U.N., China has detained more than one million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in "vocational training centers.". Numerous reports have emerged from the region detailing torture and inhumane conditions. History will judge the international community for how we respond to this attack on human rights and fundamental freedoms, John Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State, via Reuters. China called the statements "slander and defamation." . The country contends that what is happening in Xinjiang has to do with terrorism and warding off separatism. In light of ongoing trade negotiations with Beijing, President Donald Trump remains cautious about calling out human rights violations in China. He did touch on religious freedoms in his U.N. speech on Wednesday. Americans will never ... tire in our effort to promote freedom of worship and religion. We want and support religious liberty for all, President Trump, U.N. Speech, via Reuters. Negotiations for full U.N. access to China's "vocational training centers" remain ongoing.