September 2019

US Defense Department Diverts $3.6 Billion for Border Wall

The Pentagon recently announced its plan to reallocate the funds from various Defense Department projects for Trump's border wall. The money will go toward the creation of 175 miles of wall along the American-Mexican border. . A total of 127 existing military construction projects will be affected by the decision. . It it unclear which specific projects will be delayed, as the Pentagon has yet to release that information. Construction is expected to begin in about three months and will start on government- owned land in California, Texas and Arizona. According to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, this decision to shift funds is like a “slap in the face.” . It is a slap in the face to the members of the Armed Forces who serve our country that President Trump is willing to cannibalize already allocated military funding to boost his own ego and for a wall he promised Mexico would pay to build, Chuck Schumer, via Twitter