August 2019

Trump Has Spent Nearly One Third of His Presidency Visiting His Own Business Properties

According to a recent report, Donald Trump has visited his properties a total of 326 times at the expense of taxpayers since his inauguration. The number of days Trump has spent at his own property since 2017 has been found to equal about one third of the days he's been in the White House. The report also found that over 130 trips have been made to Trump properties by 111 foreign officials, calling into question whether or not Trump is guilty of corruption. This corrupt relationship between the Trump Organization and the White House leaves the American public in the dark about whether presidential decisions and policy are being made in the best interest of the country or in the best interest of the president's own bottom line, Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director of CREW, to ‘Newsweek’. Since 2017, the Trump Organization has made nearly $6 million from political groups, with various events being held on Trump properties. Trump's ability to profit is due to his refusal to divert ownership of his business empire while he holds office. No other president has retained ownership of a massive global business while serving, so this president's self-enrichment and conflicts of interest represent a unique and unprecedented affront to the democracy, Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director of CREW, to ‘Newsweek’