September 2019

Trump Admin to Roll Back Obama-Era Clean Water Protections

Protections Known as Waters of the United States, the 2015 measure is due to be repealed within weeks. The rule extended federal authority over smaller bodies of water that drain into larger bodies of water. The rule's aim was to protect and limit the pollution of nearly 60 percent of the bodies of water in the United States. Those water sources become drinking water for close to a third of all Americans. Trump's Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler said the roll back "puts an end to an egregious power-grab.” Andrew Wheeler, E.P.A. via 'The New York Times' The move has been praised by agricultural groups, who considered the rule "intrusive." Environmentalists, however were critical, saying, "now is not the time to cut back on clean water enforcement." Lawyers believe the roll-back will lead to "a chaotic case-by-case program [that replaces] clear, bright-line rules.”