August 2019

Tropical Storm Dorian May Intensify Before Hitting Florida

The small storm, which is currently located in the Caribbean, could intensify if it passes through some upcoming obstacles. According to CBS, Dorian's strength will depend if it goes through an area in the Atlantic Ocean called the "Mona Passage.". The passage is located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Both of the island nations are currently under a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning. CBS adds that Dorian's center could pass over either island, strike both or go between them where the Mona Passage is. The storm's best chances of remaining intact will be if it passes over or near the passage. Should it go this route, Dorian may then be strengthened by warm waters around the Bahamas. By Saturday, it would reach the Gulf Stream, a spot east of Florida where a few past hurricanes have intensified very quickly. . At that time, much more information will be revealed on how big of a storm Florida could face.