November 2020

TikTok Is Spared by Commerce Department for Now

In a formal government notice issued on Thursday, the Commerce Department said it would not enforce Trump's executive order against TikTok. The executive order, citing national security concerns, was issued over the summer, banning U.S. transactions with TikTok parent company ByteDance.Trump was sued by TikTok and some of its users.On Sept. 27, a federal judge ruled in favor of TikTok, which the government appealed.On Oct. 30, U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone granted a preliminary injunction in the case of Maryland v. Trump.Judge Beetlestone found that the government had gone beyond its authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, thus putting the ban on hold.But TikTok isn't out of the woods yet. Oral arguments will be heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Dec. 14.