November 2019

'Tidying Up' Star Marie Kondo Debuts Online Store

Kondo gained famed for advising people to throw items away that don't bring them "joy.". Kondo's store is called and offers a wide variety of products. The items are placed into seven categories, which include kitchen décor, aromatherapy and books. The store has received some criticism on social media due to Kondo's decluttering views. @MarieKondo tricked everyone into getting rid of their stuff so they can buy her stuff. #mariekondo, @mckramer, via Twitter. So now #mariekondo wants you to buy as much of her stuff as possible?#ironic, @SamLaskaris, via Twitter. Kondo says she knows some may see the store as a contradiction. I'm not trying to encourage over-purchasing anything. What's most important to me is that you surround yourself with items that spark joy, Marie Kondo, via 'The Wall Street Journal'