August 2019

This Day in History: Emmett Till Is Murdered

August 28, 1955. The 14-year-old Chicagoan  was murdered while visiting  family in Money, MS. Unprepared for the level of  racism in Mississippi, Till had openly flirted with a white woman — Carolyn  Brandt — on a dare from his friends. Four days later, the woman's  husband Roy and her brother  J.W. Milam drove to where Emmett was  staying and kidnapped him from his family. Emmett was beaten, his eyes  gouged out, shot in the head,  chained to a cotton gin fan and  then thrown into the Tallahatchie River. Though he had been violated beyond  recognition, when his body was found,  Till's mother demanded he be displayed  in an open casket for his funeral. Despite outrage sparked by  a photo of Emmett in his coffin,  it took an all white jury less than an  hour to acquit the two men of murder.