August 2019

The 5 Fundamental Steps of Beer Making (International Beer Day)

The 5 Fundamental Steps of Beer Making is made from four main ingredients:barley, water, hops and yeast. The first step, called malting, is the process of isolating the barley enzymes by heating, drying and cracking.  The next step is known as mashing,where the processed grains are steeped in hot water for about an hour.  During this time the grain’s enzymes are activated,causing them to break down and release sugars.  Once this is done, all of the water is drained from the mash, leaving only a sticky, sweet liquid known as wort. Next, the wort is boiled for an hour with spices and hops added throughout the process, before being strained, filtered and poured into a fermenting vessel. Yeast is then added to the vessel where it spends a few weeks eating up all the sugar in the wort,expelling CO2 and alcohol in the process.  The beer is then bottled and either artificially carbonated or allowed to naturally carbonate over time.