August 2019

Taliban Claims Its Close to a Deal for US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

According to the Taliban, the deal for U.S. troop withdrawal would be contingent on keeping Afghanistan free of international militants. We hope to have good news soon for our Muslim, independence-seeking nation, Suhail Shaheen, Taliban spokesman, via Reuters. U.S. officials have issued no comment in response to the reports. The U.S. war in Afghanistan has continued for 18 years. The Taliban controls more of Afghanistan than it has since the war began in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks. Casualties among civilians and combatants have begun to rise in recent months. A spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says any agreement must be conditional. We want to end the bloodshed. We cannot accept the orders of the Taliban. They must accept our demands and we demand peace, Sediq Sediqqi, spokesman for President Ghani, via Reuters