September 2019

Starbucks Continues to Cut Back on Limited-Time Drinks

Financial analysts recently confirmed Starbuck’s continued efforts to reduce the number of limited-time drinks it offers. . Looking ahead, Starbucks plans to avoid limited time offer beverages that can complicate operations, and instead innovate seasonally around enduring platforms, Andrew Charles, Cowen Analyst, via ‘Business Insider’. The coffee giant initially pledged to cut limited-time drinks by 30 percent in April 2018. Limited-time drinks often have complicated recipes that slow down baristas, which in turn increases customer wait times. Customers also often leave disappointed, as the results may not exactly match the advertised aesthetics of the drink. . Rather than cutting limited-time drinks out completely, Starbucks will instead shift their focus to more “enduring platforms.”. Starbucks has ambitions to introduce a new platform every 2-3 years, such as cold brew, refreshers, espresso and Teavana in recent years. , Andrew Charles, Cowen Analyst, via ‘Business Insider’