August 2019

Simone Biles Wins Sixth US All-Around Title

Biles became the first woman to land a triple twisting double somersault in floor exercise..She also became the first to land a double twisting double somersault off the balance beam..Biles has won 20 straight all-around titles dating back to 2013..Biles also won the titles in vault, balance beam and floor exercise at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Sunday..She finished in third place in the uneven bars..Biles was not sure if she would return to gymnastics after the 2016 Olympics..I didn’t think she was going to come back because she was saying she didn’t want to come back., Aimee Boorman, Biles’ coach, via NBC Sports.I really did in that moment feel like I was going to be done, but there was a slight chance that I would want to come back., Simone Biles, via NBC Sports. Biles will compete next at the world championships from Oct. 4-13 in Germany.