August 2019

'Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary Involved in Fatal Boat Crash

According to TMZ, O'Leary and his wife, Linda, were boating in Canada on Saturday night. . As Linda was driving, their boat collided with another, leaving two people dead. Late Saturday night I was a passenger in a boat that had a tragic collision with another craft that had no navigation lights on and then fled the scene of the accident. I am fully cooperating with authorities, Kevin O'Leary, to TMZ. According to 'The Toronto Sun,' the two victims were on a 13-person boat that allegedly smashed into O'Leary's vessel. . According to TMZ, O'Leary's wife took a DUI test and was not intoxicated. One victim, 64-year-old Gary Poltash, was killed instantly. The other victim, 48-year-old Susanne Brito, was rushed to the hospital but died on Tuesday