January 2020

Seahawks' Jadeveon Clowney Expects Death Threats for Hit on Eagles' Carson Wentz

Clowney's helmet-to-helmet hit knocked Wentz out of the game in the first quarter. There might be death threats. , Jadeveon Clowney, via statement. Clowney called Philadelphia fans the "worst fans in the world" after the game. That's a great player over there for their team and for their organization. I hope he's OK. Like I said, I didn't intend to hurt him. , Jadeveon Clowney, via statement. I thought it was just a small hit, but everybody was going crazy on the sidelines. I was just trying to finish the play, but it happened. , Jadeveon Clowney, via statement. Clowney was not penalized for the hit, but Eagles fans and players were outraged after seeing the replay. I just told him, 'man, that's a dirty play.' ... I just kept reminding him, 'come on, man, stay off my quarterback.' , Jason Peters, Eagles left tackle, via statement. Veteran quarterback Josh McCown replaced Wentz and kept the game close. but the Eagles eventually lost 17-9 to the Seattle Seahawks.