August 2019

Scott Disick Opens up About His Struggle With Fatherhood

Disick recently sat down with Kourtney Kardashian for a brutally honest conversation about how he struggled to be a father during their relationship. .The pair share three children and were together on and off for 11 years before officially ending in 2017.According to Disick, taking on the responsibilities of fatherhood at age 24 was too much for him. .I never thought I’d have kids at such an early age…It was really, really, really difficult at first because I did not know how to be a dad, and howto take care of kids, and how to be there for them, Scott Disick, via ‘E! Entertainment’.In response, Kourtney said he didn’t seem to“appreciate” fatherhood and that he was also struggling with depression at the time. .Disick said his behavior was due to insecurity,as he thought being a father would mean he wasn’t “cool or young anymore.”.Since then, Disick has grown to play a much more involved role in his kid’s lives, actively co parenting them alongside Kourtney. .I definitely think things have changed a lot and I'm definitely in a different place in my life now.I definitely got a little out of control. It's great that I'm still able to have Kourtney in my life and coexist and raise our three children together, Scott Disick, via ‘E! Entertainment’.