August 2019

Salvador Dalí Was Eating Avocado Toast Way Before It Was Trendy

From yoga moms to millennials, avocado toast has made a home within American culture. Most people seem to agree that the trend started to fill up our social media feeds about five years ago. But no one of the modern age can take credit for it. The truth is that the concept of eating avocado on bread is nothing new. In fact, it's been around for over a century. Spanish artist Salvador Dalí included his own avocado toast recipe in his 1973 cookbook 'Les Diners de Gala.' Sure, his included almonds, tequila and lamb brains, - but you get the idea. Before Dali, one of the earliest examples of avocado toast was featured in the November 1885 issue of San Francisco's 'Daily Alta California.' The article instructed to "Quarter them, and remove the pulp with a silver knife; spread it on slices of bread, and season with salt and pepper to taste." In 1927, the San Francisco Chronicle revealed a recipe calling for mashed avocado to be "spread thickly on toast or between two slices of thin bread." A 1931 column in the Los Angeles Times spoke of ritzy women eating avocado toast during "delightful luncheons" at the Clark Hotel.