September 2019

Rick Ross Admits Codeine Abuse Caused His Seizures

Rick Ross Opens up About Past Drug Use and Hospitalization. 43-year-old rapper Rick Ross recently came clean to ‘People’ about his hospitalization in March 2018. . Ross admitted that his seizure was largely caused by his abuse of the prescription cough syrup known as codeine. . It was the codeine…that mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting…[I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me. But everything combined?, Rick Ross, via ‘People’. For Ross, the incident was life-changing and pushed him to take a new perspective on life. When I woke up in the hospital and I had so many people around me, so many homies, it felt like I was in V.I.P…But it was more like ‘D---, we gotta do some special things.', Rick Ross, via ‘People’. Now, Ross is focused on a healthier lifestyle and has gone a year without abusing codeine. . I cut the sodas out and I drink a lot more water. That, adding in some vegetables and I get a lot more rest…I’m just living and being much more genuine, Rick Ross, via ‘People’