September 2019

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Seeks Kavanaugh Impeachment

Massachusetts' Ayanna Pressley will announce articles against the Supreme Court Justice. Her resolution comes after another report of sexual misconduct was made against him. Kavanaugh was confirmed to the nation's highest court last October after a highly scrutinized confirmation. The process was mired by claims of misconduct against him by multiple women. I believe Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Deborah Ramirez. It is our responsibility to collectively affirm the dignity and humanity of survivors, Ayanna Pressley, via Boston's WBUR. Sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the nation’s highest court and Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process set a dangerous precedent, Ayanna Pressley, via Boston's WBUR. The freshman congresswoman's resolution is not expected to gain much traction. As of now, senior Democrats do not seem to be in a rush to get rid of the Justice. We’ve got to get beyond this ‘impeachment is the answer to every problem.’ It’s not realistic, Illinois Dem. Senator Dick Durbin, via POLITICO