September 2019

Popeyes Says 'Bring Your Own Bun' to Make a Chicken Sandwich

The popular fried chicken fast food chain introduced the chicken sandwich to their menu back in August. Some stores had people waiting in lines that wrapped around the corner to get their hands on the sandwich. The item created such a craze that Popeyes ran out. The chain is currently experiencing a chicken sandwich shortage. Now, Popeyes has implemented a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bun) concept. Customers are being encouraged to bring in a bun, order the three-piece tenders and create a sandwich for themselves. While we work to get the sandwich back in our restaurants, we wanted to offer our guests a fun way to satisfy their Popeyes sandwich cravings, Bruno Cardinali, Popeyes Head of Marketing, via CNN. Popeyes has promised that their chicken sandwich will return soon.