September 2020

Over 15 Million Nintendo Switches Have Been Sold in Japan

The console has proven to be a hit with Nintendo fans, particularly in Japan. Sales have soared over the past few months, likely due to many people self-isolating because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to sales data from 'Famitsu,' combined sales for both the original and Lite versions of the Switch are now over 15,073,025 in Japan. This beats the Japanese sales of the Nintendo Wii at approximately 12.75 million units, PlayStation 3 at approximately 10.47 million units and PlayStation 4 at approximately 9.22 million units. But the Switch hasn’t claimed the number one spot for the highest-selling console in Japan quite yet. It’s currently in fifth place. The Switch is behind the PlayStation 2.Nintendo's 3DS handheld consoles, the DS consoles and the iconic Game Boy, which tops the list with 32.47 million units sold.