May 2020

NFL Will Lose $5.5 Billion If Games Are Played Without Spectators, Report Says

Mike Ozanian of 'Forbes' says that the lost funds will come from stadium revenue. Stadium revenue includes money made from tickets, parking and concessions. He adds that certain NFL teams will be affected more than others. Mike Ozanian, via 'Forbes' According to a 2018 season list, the Dallas Cowboys ranked first in stadium revenue with $621 million. The Patriots were second with $315 million, followed by the New York Giants with $262 million. It would be more of a setback for New England after losing legendary longtime QB Tom Brady to Tampa Bay this offseason. NFL players will also be negatively impacted if games are played without fans. For 2020, a recent bargaining pact sees players receiving around 47 percent of league income. If games have no spectators, that percentage could amount to much less.