August 2019

New 'Super Earth' Located by Astronomers

It has been dubbed "GJ 357 d," and is 31 light years away.Astronomers add that compared to earth, it is six times larger and circles around a smaller sun. GJ 357 d is said to be able to make an orbit in less than two months.More importantly, astronomers say GJ 357 d may have conditions that are similar to the ones on Earth.By 2021 and 2025, Carl Sagan Institute Director Lisa Kaltenegger says telescopes can begin observing the planet's landscape.With a thick atmosphere, the planet GJ 357 d could maintain liquid water on its surface like Earth, and we could pick out signs of life with telescopes that will soon be online, Lisa Kaltenegger, via statement.If GJ 357 d were to show signs of life, we could answer a 1,000-year-old question on whether we are alone in the cosmos, Lisa Kaltenegger, via statement.