March 2020

Netflix Party Connects Friends While Social Distancing

The Google Chrome extension allows friends to continue their movie night dates while under self or mandated quarantine. With Netflix Party, users can watch Netflix titles at the same time on different computers. In addition to being connected to the same movie, a chat room lets friends share their reactions as well. Requirements for Netflix Party are the Google Chrome Browser and a Netflix account. The free extension can be downloaded at by clicking on "Get Netflix Party for free!" Clicking "Add to Chrome" and then "Add extension" will place Netflix Party in your browser on the right side. You'll see the initials NP. Once all your friends have it installed, go to Netlfix through Chrome and pick and play your title. Click the NP button in your browser, then "Start the Party" and copy the URL that pops up. Send that URL to your friends. Once they open the link, all they need to do is log on to Netflix and press the NP button. This should sync everyone up. Happy movie night!