August 2019

National Hemp Legalization Causing ‘Chaos’ in Florida and Texas

Last year, Congress voted in favor of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the controlled substances list. . This has caused "chaos" in the states of Florida and Texas, as the now legal substance is easily confused with its illegal cannabis counterpart. . Officials in both states have been forced to stop prosecuting low-level marijuana cases, due to the lack of a reliable field test to distinguish the two substances. In Texas, officers are being instructed to give out misdemeanor citations for those caught possessing small amounts, rather than arresting them. . The use of “sniff and search” seizures has also been halted, as smell is no longer a reliable way to identify marijuana. . Much of the search and seizure law hinges on either the officer’s or K-9’s ability to smell… This seems to now be in significant doubt, Jack Campbell, Florida State Attorney, via statement