August 2019

Miniature Horses Officially Allowed on Planes as Service Animals

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced their decision to authorize miniature horses in aircrafts on August 8.In this Final Statement, after reviewing the comments on this issue, we believe that it would be in the public interest and within our discretionary authority to prioritize ensuring that the most commonly recognized service animals (i.e., dogs, cats, and miniature horses)are accepted for transport, U.S. Department of Transportation, via statement .Miniature horses are officially recognized as legitimate service animals in the Americans with Disabilities Act.It is not required they be restrained in a specific way when in the aircraft cabin, but airlines are allowed to use “case-by-case” logic. .Airlines such as American, United and Southwest already allow miniature horses aboard their flights.This declaration now makes it mandatory that all other U.S. airlines follow suit, with a risk of punishment if they don't comply. .