August 2019

Matthew McConaughey Signs on as Professor at University of Texas

The University of Texas recently announced their hiring of Matthew McConaughey to the Moody College of Communication. He is scheduled to begin his official role as a professor this coming fall. According to the university, McConaughey has been appointed a professor of practice due to his “outstanding work as a teacher and mentor.” . Matthew cares deeply for our school and our students, and we are thrilled that he shares his time and talent to help prepare the next generation of media leaders and innovators, Moody College Dean Jay Bernhardt, to UT News. McConaughey, who graduated from the school himself in 1993, has been serving as a visiting instructor at the University of Texas since 2015. He developed the curriculum and has been co-teaching a film production class called “Script to Screen.” . Working in the classroom with these students gives me a chance to prepare them. Making movies, turning words on paper into film, is both a science and art – no matter the time or generation, Matthew McConaughey, to UT News.