September 2019

Massachusetts Issues Full Sweeping Ban on Vaping Items

It is the first U.S. state to issue such a measure against the smoking devices. The move comes as the number of vaping-related illnesses in the U.S. has risen exponentially. Over 60 potential cases have been reported in Massachusetts thus far. Governor Charlie Baker has issued a public health emergency in the state. We're declaring this public health emergency because medical and disease control experts have been tracking the rapidly increasing number of vaping related illnesses that in some cases have led to death, Charlie Baker, via press release. He adds that the ban will last at least four months. [We] need to pause sales in order for our medical experts to collect more information about what is driving these life threatening vaping-related illnesses, Charlie Baker, via press release. All vaping items containing cannabis or nicotine will be affected. including those that are flavored and non-flavored.