August 2019

Lil Wayne's New Album 'Funeral' Is Already Done

In a recent interview with Q93.3's Wild Wayne, the 36-year-old rapper revealed that his follow-up to 'Tha Carter V' has been done for a while. He is merely waiting for the "okay" to release it. You know how it work. My album's always done. It just takes Mack to come in there to rack up a couple of songs and name them. That's how it go round here. , Lil Wayne, on Q93.3. I work every day. It just take them to come in and say 'let me get these twenty songs, can I have these and name them, and we go from there.', Lil Wayne, on Q93.3. Wayne also said that he's maintained his typical songwriting methods, relying on freestyle. . Same formula, I can't write nothing down, I got way too old to be trying to read something, Lil Wayne, on Q93.3. I can't write nothing down, I'm going straight off the top...It makes everything more valid, more valuable, Lil Wayne, on Q93.3 . Weezy expects the album will drop by the end of the year.