October 2019

Lego Tests Recycling Program for Unwanted Bricks

Lego recently announced their partnership with Give Back Box to launch their new recycling program, Replay. Through this pilot program, parents from anywhere in the United States will be able to mail in their children’s used Lego bricks, free of charge. Lego bricks of all sizes, colors and shapes are accepted by the program. Give Back Box will clean and sort the lego bricks, after which they'll be sent to Teach for America and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. Replay is expected to run through the spring of 2020, and may be expanded further if successful. The program is part of Lego’s shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We believe we have a responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. However for us, minimizing is not enough, we want to aim for zero environmental impact on the planet, Lego, via statement.