August 2019

Lawsuit Filed Against YouTube for LGBTQ Discrimination

The filing was brought up by a group of creators who say the platform is hiding recommendations for their content, which is LGBTQ-centered. They also say that YouTube's actions are making it harder for them to earn revenue through ads. This lawsuit adds that what YouTube is doing violates federal laws and ones in the state of California that concern speech and discrimination. YouTube is engaged in discriminatory, anticompetitive, and unlawful conduct that harms a protected class of persons under California law, Plaintiffs, via YouTube lawsuit. Specifically, the suit alleges YouTube is going after channels with titles containing the words “gay" and “transgender.”. One of the plaintiffs, Chase Ross, accused YouTube last year of demonetizing his videos because of his use of the words. YouTube really needs to start paying attention to this community ... I don’t feel like I belong on a platform that I and other LGBTQ+ individuals helped build, Chase Ross, via 'The Verge'. The platform's CEO, Susan Wojcicki, has claimed that LGBTQ content is not being demonitized. There’s no policies that say ‘If you put certain words in a title that will be demonetized.', Susan Wojcicki, via Code Conference.