September 2019

Labradoodle Creator Says It’s His ‘Life’s Regret’

During a recent podcast interview, labradoodle creator Wally Conron voiced his surprising disdain for the crossbreed. I realized what I had done within a matter of days … I opened a Pandora's box and released a Frankenstein's monster, Wally Conron, via ‘Sum Of All Parts’. Conron initially created the labradoodle in the 1980s to act as a hypoallergenic guide dog for a blind woman in Hawaii. . I had a purpose for breeding it…I bred it for a blind lady who wanted a guide dog but couldn’t have one because her husband was allergic to dogs, Wally Conron, via ‘Sum Of All Parts’. From there, the labradoodle gained widespread popularity, igniting a poodle-breeding trend. This development disappointed Conron, as he believed people were just “breeding for the money,” whereas he had spent three years working on the safest crossbreed. People are just breeding for the money ... unscrupulous breeders are crossing poodles with inappropriate dogs simply so they can say they were the first to do it … I find that the biggest majority [of labradoodles] are either crazy or have a hereditary problem, Wally Conron, via ‘Sum Of All Parts’. According to veterinarian John Whitwell however, labradoodles are “healthy” dogs with no major health problems. . I don't think they're particularly crazy, they do seem to make good family pets, I don't think I've ever met one that was vicious or injured a family member, John Whitwell, via BBC