October 2019

Kanye West’s Album ‘Yandhi’ Released as iTunes Ringtones

On Oct. 1, nine 26-second long clips of unreleased songs by Kanye West were posted to iTunes. According to Vulture the leaked song clips were probably uploaded by a fan, meaning they will likely be taken down in the future. The ringtones are reportedly snippets of songs from Kanye’s ‘Yandhi’ album, which was supposed to be released in September 2018. The album was not released on the expected date however, and there is no word on whether it ever will be. Kanye’s newest album, ‘Jesus Is King,’ is currently facing a similar situation, as it was supposed to be released on Sept. 27. He also recently claimed he was done making “secular” music, so it is unclear whether ‘Yandhi’ or 'Jesus Is King' will ever be properly released.