September 2019

Kanye West Interviews Kim Kardashian for 'Vogue Arabia'

The interview was part of the publication's September issue. West asked Kardashian questions  about a variety of topics, including family,  the California bar exam and the media. Maybe you underestimate  how other people see you.  I think other people are  expecting someone else, Kanye West, via 'Vogue Arabia'. There is a misconception that I don’t actually have to study and that I’ve bought my way into getting a law degree – that’s absolutely not true. I have to put in just as much work as  everybody else.., Kim Kardashian, via 'Vogue Arabia'. We are constantly in the news, and sometimes we end up reading unpleasant things about ourselves. Does it affect you?, Kanye West, via 'Vogue Arabia'. If it’s about you, or the kids, or my sisters, I can get worked up when I read things that are false or negative. But when it’s about me, I’ve learned how to block out the noise for the most part, Kim Kardashian, via 'Vogue Arabia'. Why do we work so hard? What do you think drives us?, Kanye West, via 'Vogue Arabia'. I saw my parents work  so hard growing up; my dad  always respected hard work,  which is such an Armenian trait.  Their hard work influenced me  from a very young age, Kim Kardashian, via 'Vogue Arabia'