August 2019

Juul Looking to Halt E-Cigarette Sales to Underage Users

A new selling plan by the company has been announced by CEO Kevin Burns. It follows news that around 20 percent of U.S. teenagers say they have recently tried "vaping.". Burns explains that the plan involves stopping sales to anyone with an underage or expired ID. Over 40,000 establishments have agreed to Juul's new selling system. Burns adds that by 2021, Juul will stop offering its items to stores who do not implement the plan. In a new interview with 'CBS This Morning,' Burns denies that Juul ever targeted people that were underage. . I don't think our campaign was ever targeted to kids. We don't need to target youth to grow our business, to be successful, and fulfill our mission, Kevin Burns, via 'CBS This Morning' . He adds that vaping use by minors will not drop immediately despite the company's new rules. There's been an influx now of counterfeit and compatible products coming into the marketplace. Online is still a challenge as a channel, Kevin Burns, via 'CBS This Morning'