August 2019

Juul CEO Says 'Don't Vape, Don't Use Juul'

CEO Kevin Burns made  the statements during an  interview that aired Thursday  on "CBS This Morning.". Don't start using nicotine if you don't have a preexisting relationship with nicotine. Don't use the product. You're not our target consumer, Kevin Burns, Juul CEO, via Insider. Burns was asked whether  Juul products are toxic. We do toxicology testing on all of our products, Kevin Burns, Juul CEO, via Insider. The Juul CEO conceded  that the long-term effects  of vaping are not yet known. We think we have a product that is legal today, is tested for toxicity, and does not present ... a risk based on the guidelines of the category today to the American public, Kevin Burns, Juul CEO, via Insider. On Wednesday Juul announced  plans to curb underage purchase  of its product electronically. According to the Food and  Drug Administration, teen  vaping is an "epidemic."