September 2019

Justin Bieber Opens up About Effects of Fame on Instagram

Justin Bieber is getting real. The singer took to social media to address the struggles of child stars as well as his own mental health. There is an insane pressure put on a child who’s brain, emotion, frontal lobes (decision making) aren’t developed yet … When you add the pressure of stardom it does something to you that is quite unexplainable, Justin Bieber, via Instagram. After being catapulted into stardom at age 13,  Bieber was initially beloved, but soon made  headlines for acting out in public. The star reveals he began using “pretty heavy drugs” by the time he turned 19. Bieber continually credits his wife, Hailey Bieber, with helping him bounce back. Luckily god blessed me with extraordinary people who love me for me. Now I am navigating the best season of my life 'MARRIAGE'!! ... You learn patience, trust, commitment, kindness, humility and all of the things it looks like to be a good man, Justin Bieber, via Instagram.