September 2019

'Junk Food' Costs UK Teenager His Vision

The patient, who is 17 years old, had been  experiencing health issues for a few years. His case was revealed in the  Annals of Internal Medicine. According to the study, the patient began  losing his sight after having hearing problems. His height and weight were also average and drugs or alcohol weren't a factor. The study adds that vision loss for  similar patients can be fixed  if treated early. Dr. Denize Atan, who treated  the patient, says the case is rare. Dr. Denize Atan, via BBC The study adds that the teenager was told to  change up his diet at 14, but didn't do it. The analysis explains that the patient's  vision loss is related to a condition  called nutritional optic neuropathy. His poor diet was also associated with a  rare food disorder as he avoided  items with certain textures. Dr. Denize Atan, via BBC