August 2019

Jay-Z and Will Smith Invest in Camping App 'Hipcamp'

On Thursday, Hipcamp — likened to "the Airbnb of camping" — made the announcement. Today, I’m beyond honored to welcome Marcy Venture Partners and Dreamers Fund to the Hipcamp community. , Hipcamp founder Alyssa Ravasio, via statement. Marcy Venture Partners is co-founded by Shawn Carter (“Jay-Z”), Jay Brown, and Larry Marcus, and Dreamers Fund is co-founded by Will Smith, Keisuke Honda, Kosaku Yada, and Takeshi Nakanishi. , Hipcamp founder Alyssa Ravasio, via statement. The camping app's latest round of fundraising brought in $25 million. The app aims to expose more people to the great outdoors by providing unique locations and experiences. Anyone ranging from the avid camper to a newbie nature-seeker can utilize the platform. Hipcamp is on the forefront of culture, creating meaningful and joyful experiences with the outdoors, Marcy Venture Partners co-founder Larry Marcus, via statement. Spending more time outside has an undeniable, positive impact on people’s lives, and we’re so excited to support Hipcamp in their mission to get more people enjoying fresh air, Dreamers VC managing partner Kosaku Yada, via statement