July 2019

'How I Met My Dog' Will Match You Up With Your Next Pet

The app, which is styled after dating sites such as Match, premiered in 2017. Since then, it has been responsible for over 1,000 dogs being adopted. According to 'USA Today,' around 100,000 people have profiles on How I Met My Dog. To set up a profile, you must first complete a list of personality and lifestyle-related questions. The app will then give you pictures of potentially-adoptable dogs within your vicinity. Based on your answers, How I Met Your Dog will send profiles of certain pooches that best match up with your lifestyle. Animal shelters in over a dozen U.S. states have currently partnered up with the service. We’re changing the culture of how people choose their dogs so they can live with their dogs so they can keep them, HIMMD's chief dog expert Jodi Anderson, via 'USA Today'.