November 2019

Hillary Clinton Believes Wealth Tax Plans Are ‘Unworkable’

During a recent appearance at the DealBook conference in New York City, Clinton spoke against the creation of wealth taxes in America. . She specifically called the wealth taxes proposed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren “unworkable,” saying they would be unfair and “disruptive.”. People would literally have to sell assets to pay the tax on the assets that they owned before the wealth tax was levied. That would be incredibly disruptive, Hillary Clinton, via Business Insider. Clinton also argued that there weren’t any “other examples” of successful, long-term wealth taxes in the world. . I just don't understand how that could work, and I don't see other examples anywhere else in the world where it has actually worked over a long period of time, Hillary Clinton, via Business Insider. Instead, Clinton said she was “all in favor” of reinstating an estate tax, which fewer than 2,000 Americans are expected to owe in 2019.