September 2020

Gordon Ramsay Is Opening a Cooking School

Ramsay is "super excited" about his new venture, the Gordon Ramsay Academy, which is due to open in Woking, Surrey, England, early next year. Gordon is super-excited about the new academy. Giving space and opportunity to the next ­generation of British chefs is something he is passionate about, Source, to 'The Sun'. He can't wait to ­hopefully see those same chefs in his own restaurants in the future, Source, to 'The Sun'. It will be an industry-leading facility, to give ­people of all ages and cooking abilities the chance to have relaxed and fun cookery classes, Source, to 'The Sun'. It will also support people looking to get into the hospitality industry, by ­giving them somewhere to hone their skills, Source, to 'The Sun'. Pupils will not only gain work experience at Gordon's own restaurants, but they will be guaranteed a job with him at the end of their course. Students will also get work experience in Gordon's portfolio of restaurants and there will be a guaranteed job at the end of it. It's a really great idea, Source, to 'The Sun'. Ramsay trademarked the school name last year. It also covers a variety of other ventures, including online cookery courses and a logo for products such as pots, pans, linens and clothing.