December 2019

Gabrielle Union Fires Back at NBC After Being Fired From 'America's Got Talent'

Gabrielle Union recently took to Twitter to express her displeasure of NBC's response to her concerns about 'America's Got Talent.' Union, who was fired from the show, has accused show producers of subjecting her to racial criticism and inappropriately responding to racially insensitive jokes. NBC's response, which was issued by the TV network and the two production companies behind the show, Fremantle and Syco Entertainment, said they were "working with" the actress to understand her "concerns" of a toxic environment on set. NBC, Fremantle, and Syco Entertainment, via statement Soon after, Union retweeted a post from writer Joelle Monique on Dec. 1, adding, "This! This! AND THIIISSSSSSS!!!!!!" The post, which Union seemingly retweeted in response to NBC's statement, insists that a solid apology comes in three parts. Joelle Monique, via Twitter.