October 2019

Fortnite Accused of Being as Addictive as Cocaine in Class-Action Lawsuit

Two parents of teenage Fortnite players have brought a class-action lawsuit against the multiplayer game in Canada. . According to USA Today, the parents claim their sons have developed a severe dependence on the game, similar to cocaine addiction. . The addiction to the game Fortnite has real consequences on the lives of players, many of whom have developed problems such that they do not eat, do not shower and no longer socialize, Lawsuit statement, via Fox News. The lawsuit states that the game’s parent company, Epic Games Inc., used the “same tactics” as gambling to develop the “most addictive game possible.”. This is in reference to Fortnite’s virtual currency, which can be purchased by players in-game and used to buy accessories and add-ons for their virtual characters. . The defendants used the same tactics as the creators of slot machines, or variable reward programs, (to ensure) the dependence of its users … Children are particularly vulnerable to this manipulation since their self-control system in the brain is not developed enough. , Lawsuit statement, via Fox News