August 2019

Eric Reid Criticizes Jay-Z's New Partnership With the NFL

In a series of twitter posts, Reid said Roc Nation's deal to help the league with its entertainment and social justice programs is "disingenuous.". He adds that it is over the NFL's shunning of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I will be a royal pain in the NFL’s a** for acting like they care about people of color by forming numerous disingenuous partnerships to address social injustice while collectively blackballing Colin, the person who brought oppression and social injustice to the forefront of the NFL platform, Eric Reid, via Twitter. After beginning their National Anthem protests in 2016, both players went on to sue the league, claiming teams were purposely not signing them. The lawsuit has since been resolved and Reid now plays for the Panthers, but Kaepernick remains unsigned. According to Reid, Kaepernick himself is not associated with the Roc Nation-NFL team up. Jay-Z has also been a vocal supporter of Kaepernick and his cause, even sporting his jersey. Jay-Z doesn’t need the NFL’s help 2 address social injustices. It was a money move 4 him & his music business. The NFL gets 2 hide behind his black face 2 try to cover up blackballing Colin. #NeoColonialism, Eric Reid, via Twitter.