July 2020

Endangered Tigers Are Making a Comeback

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), tigers have seen a resurgence in their numbers. Around three-quarters of the population, between 2,600 and 3,350 tigers, is in India. The BBC adds that Nepal's tiger count has jumped from 121 to 235 in just under ten years. Increased tiger sightings have also been reported in China, Bhutan and Russia. According to the BBC, there were only about 3,200 wild tigers worldwide in 2010. WWF UK regional manager Becci May says threats to the animal, such as loss of habitat and poaching, remain. She adds that government support is needed to help with conservation efforts. Tiger conservation will not be successful without the support of governments and political will. We need the engagement and support of local communities who are actually living in the areas where the tigers live, Becci May, via Radio 1 Newsbeat. Tigers can thrive happily given enough space, food or water. So the progress is a result of tigers and their habitat being better protected, Becci May, via Radio 1 Newsbeat.