August 2019

Emergency Declared in Nevada County Due to 'Storm Area 51' Event

The declaration was made in Lincoln County, an area with a population of less than 10,000. District D Commissioner Kevin Phillips, via MSN Over two million have said they will attend the event, which started on Facebook and is called "Storm Area 51,  They Can't Stop All of Us." It is scheduled to be held September 20 on "Extraterrestrial Highway," which is apart  of Nevada's SR 375 and near Area 51. For decades, the top-secret facility has  been the subject of many conspiracies. One of the most famous is that the  U.S. government is secretly harboring aliens. The U.S. Air Force has said that it is aware of  the event with a spokesperson issuing a warning  to anyone who does try to forcefully enter. Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews, via MSN.