November 2019

Dunkin’ to Finally Phase out Styrofoam Cups in New England

In 2018, Dunkin’ first announced their plan to eliminate the use of polystyrene cups by April 2020. . They’ve now begun to implement their move away from styrofoam cups, starting first in their New England locations. . Instead of styrofoam, the popular coffee chain will use double-walled paper cups, which are reportedly certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard. . "Our goal was to satisfy all our customers with a cup that is more environmentally friendly, has the insulation properties of foam and has the lid that our customers know and love." Kelly Katapodis, Dunkin’ spokeswoman, via According to Dunkin’ the cups are “mostly, but not totally recyclable,” with their recyclability varying by local and state recycling programs. The transition away from styrofoam is expected to be a difficult one, as the traditional “double cupping” practice is sacred among customers. . "We will naturally have to stop double cupping since the double-walled paper cups do not fit over the iced beverage containers … We do expect this change to be hard for some." Kelly Katapodis, Dunkin’ spokeswoman, via