October 2019

Downloads of Nickelback's 'Photograph' Surge 569 Percent After Trump's Tweet

On Oct 2., President Donald Trump tweeted a video that included a reference to Nickelback’s 2005 song, “Photograph.” . The video featured the band’s lead singer, Chad Kroeger, holding up a framed picture of Joe Biden and an alleged “Ukraine gas executive.” . It was eventually removed due to a copyright violation claim, but since then, the song has seen an increase in downloads and streams. . According to ‘Billboard,’ digital downloads of the song on Oct. 2-3 were up 569 percent. . “Photograph” also earned 772,000 streams on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify, which is a 38 percent gain from the two days before the tweet. Although Nickelback has yet to comment on the situation, they did like an Oct. 3 tweet that read “not my president and not theirs either.”